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A wedding in your future?
Congratulations ! You've found the person of your dreams - now the two of you , with lots of help and advice from family and friends , will plan the day of your dreams ! Will the ceremony be in a big church? A little chapel? At a winery or mansion, or perhaps outdoors? Do your musical tastes run to the traditional, or the unique? Do you have selections chosen, or do you need our help and suggestions? Do you have a friend who will sing, and needs assistance and accompaniment? We have played for hundreds of lovely weddings in the last twenty-five years of business, and will work with you to make your wedding the most beautiful ever !

Fascinatin’ Rhythm…
for enjoying conversation and conviviality? We can create just the ambience you desire, whether your preference is Baroque or Broadway. We have many duos, trios, quartets, and larger groups who can tailor their repertoire to suit your cocktail party, dinner, or festive event.

Something extra special?
Do you have particular ethnic favorites, or requests for which a little extra research or arranging are required?  We will find what you need—we love a musical challenge!

A Viennese Ball?
We have authentic, antique salon arrangements of hundreds of waltzes, schottisches, mazurkas, tangos, and polkas, so you can re-create Old Vienna wherever you are. Your guests can be royalty for the evening!

In Remembrance . . .
Are your needs less festive, perhaps more devotional? We have much experience in sacred music suitable for memorial services, also. Let us assist in your tribute. Our personal attention guarantees your satisfaction.

How else may we help?
Do you need musical transcription, research, arranging, ergonomic retraining, or instrumental instruction? Do you need vocal coaching, language diction coaching, or transposition? We have over 40 years of vocal direction and music services experience that will make your performance comfortable and fulfilling.