Digital Holography

Pascal Picart,Jun-Chang Li,

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AUTEUR Pascal Picart,Jun-Chang Li,
ISBN 9781848213449

Digital Holography...

Measurement principle. The DHM ® technology generates, in true real-time, high resolution 3D digital images of a sample using the principle of holography. Holograms are generated by combining a coherent reference wave with the wave received from a specimen. They are recorded by a video camera and transmitted to a computer for real-time numerical reconstruction. Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging in Proceedings Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging Part of Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging. 19–23 May , Bordeaux, France. 12/2/ · Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging. 3D and novel displays, integral imaging, computer generated holograms, compressive holography, full-field tomography, specific image and signal processing, and holography with various light sources including coherent to incoherent and X-ray to .correlation-based lateral and axial motion compensation in laser Doppler imaging and optical coherence tomography by digital holography. In-line digital holography (DH) is used in many fields to locate and size micro or nano-objects spread in a volume. To reconstruct simple shaped objects, the. In-line digital holography (DH) and lensless microscopy are 3D imaging techniques used to reconstruct the volume of micro-objects in many.